Introduction and Welcome

Welcome to our “up to the moment” commentary on the Earth’s progress towards Fifth Dimensional (5D) Consciousness. Rather than going into the past to try and understand what’s going on currently, we are now receiving one or more communications each week from our White Brotherhood team.

Our work stems from the Ascension programme created by the four leaders of Camelot and the corresponding leaders of the Golden Age of Atlantis:

Guinevere/Quan Yin
Arthur/El Morya
Merlin/St. Germain and Rakoczy
Lancelot/Ra and Kuthumi

You will find contributions from all of them on the website, but most of the articles, books and commentary are from the great multi-dimensional being Quan Yin, through Catherine Guinevere.

The priority is what’s happening right now and the information, understanding and related perspectives are from a team directly involved in the transformation. The teaching acknowledges challenging aspects like the current physical earth changes (starting with the sinking of various islands and mainland coastal areas of Southeast Asia) and the active role of Planet X/Nibiru. But the priority is always to focus on moving to 5D within and the inner shift to a crystalline cellular structure.

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