Check out the new articles on the main website

We would like to draw your attention to the addition of a number of new articles on the main website, during its recent upgrade.

In the last month, we have received an extensive communication from Master Quan Yin entitled “The Ascension Opportunity of 2011/12”. This appears in two parts and is vital reading. It contains exercises to help the Spiritual Aspirant attune to 5D consciousness on a regular basis. Through this regular practice, each individual can learn to feel comfortable (or at least OK) with these much higher wavelengths and follow the Golden Path to 5D. It will be helpful to revisit chapters 2 and 3 of “The Revolution of 2012 Volume Two – The Challenge”, which describes the function and purpose of the splitting of the dimensions in the current context.

We have also added a lengthy account of the last days of Atlantis with the wish that it will help readers understand that major earth movements and plates shifting have happened before, when the Earth herself needed change. It describes what it was like for an advanced civilisation, which had fallen into decay and great corruption, to go under the water.

Those who had been briefed about what was coming had made arrangements to be elsewhere, either physically on other continents or through Ascending to other dimensions. It raises serious questions for each person incarnated on Earth at this time about what preparations you are making for the big changes getting very close now. It is worth noting that the United States government is activating its emergency plans for coping with millions of refugees following the New Madrid earthquakes and major land shifts – now regarded as imminent.

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