12th January 2012

It takes a few weeks, following the Spiritual New Year at the Winter Solstice, for the new energies within the developing Year to settle into a pattern which will express itself during all the successive months. This pattern is designed by the Spiritual Deva whose role it is to oversee the Year’s evolution and ensure it is in line with the needs of the broad Spiritual Hierarchy.

At this time the focus of all Spiritual participants is on the final stages of the evolution of the Earth to Fifth Dimensional Consciousness (5D). Consequently all individual plans and involvements must be supportive of this vast endeavour – the most significant change on Earth for a million years or so.

A new Quan Yin communication through Robert Mulliss “2012 A Year of Transition” sets out the framework through which individual humans open themselves to the opportunity to individually ascend to 5D also. Everybody is invited to make the journey but each individual has to have sufficient awareness and receptiveness to respond to this opportunity being made available to all.

As part of our Spiritual support programme, Quan Yin is offering a new series of channeled meditative practice sessions to enable aspirants to more readily open up – tune in – to the path of Ascension to 5D. These will include practices to change to a crystalline base at a cellular level (becoming “crystal adults”), to experience being in 5D in various different contexts, as well as attunements to facilitate stepping onto the Golden Path to 5D.

These meetings have been scheduled for every Saturday afternoon through the end of April. They are mostly planned to be in Shepton Mallet but sessions can be added in other locations if small to medium size groups wish to participate directly. And one session each month will be a progress report on the Ascension process for both the Earth and humanity from either Quan Yin or El Morya.

Both the pieces “2012 A Year of Ascension” and “Study Groups with Masters Quan Yin and El Morya Jan-April 2012” are in the process of being posted in the Articles section of the website.

Look out for our next blog entry on Wednesday next week.

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