19th January — What is 5D Society Like?

One of the big challenges for a student on the Spiritual Path at this time is to grasp just how different a Fifth Dimensional (5D) Society is compared with even the most enlightened ways of living currently. Trying to imagine a society completely devoid of fossil fuels helps one to realise that a comprehensive reconstruction of all life support infrastructure would be needed, just for starters.

A key understanding is that 3D Earth and 5D Earth exist side by side, just as for 3D Mars and 5D Mars. As has been reported by all the scientific probes, there is no human level life on Mars anymore but there are plenty of signs of former civilisations. Meanwhile, unbeknown to our scientists, 5D Mars has a thriving population of humanoids running into the millions but one has to be of at least a 5D level in order to be able to see them, let alone interact with them. When the Earth completes its Ascension to 5D, what’s left behind at 3D will be devoid of human life as we know it within quite a short time but the simultaneous 5D Earth will be well populated with individuals, who have made the personal transition to 5D Consciousness.

We recommend the detailed account of a 5D society and advanced civilisation set out in the book by Masao Murata “Angels of the Cosmos”, readily available through Amazon. This describes the love-based values, the wisdom of the leaders, along with details of the advanced technology. The more we understand and accept about the nature of what we’re moving towards, the better we can attune with it.

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