26th January, 2012

As we enter the expansive energy of Aquarius, the unfolding of events in our lives can
be aided enormously by focusing on laying foundations for new endeavours. It is part of the natural cycle of the Spiritual year that the first quarter from the Winter Solstice until the Spring Equinox is the period for sowing seeds for what is to become later. During the second quarter from the Spring Equinox to the Summer Solstice, it is the time when the seeds germinate and the new enterprise can blossom. After the Summer Solstice, we enter the third quarter which is the time of harvest and of projects coming to fruition. And in the fourth Autumnal quarter all that which is no longer needed falls away to be re-cycled energetically.

Of course, in the modern western world, little or no attention is paid to such concepts of cycles and so stress, distortion and all sorts of malfunctions happen on a regular and growing basis. But with the Earth’s energies rising quite quickly now to Fifth Dimensional Consciousness (5D), events and endeavours which are not aligned with the underlying energies of creation will become increasingly fragile – more and more vulnerable to “disasters” and wild outcomes.

Here, at The Revolution of 2012, we are working to bring the understandings of the Ascension Opportunity of 2011/12 to the metropolis of London. The first event is scheduled for Sunday 12th February, which will include a channelled talk in the morning followed by 5D meditation practice. A great opportunity for getting more attuned with what will soon be the daily norm. If you are interested, please contact me at: info@revolutionof2012.net


Andrew Smith

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