12th March, 2012

Although there have been a few unusual Earth movements during the last 12 months in the form of floods, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes beyond the norm, it was evident that the rate of plate movement was modest overall. However, in the southeast Asian area between Indonesia and Thailand, permanent land sinking was more and more obvious to the people living in those countries as they were overwhelmed by water which would not go away. Similar situations were reported from the Malay peninsula, South Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines and Borneo.

In the latest weekly report from the Zetas, plate movement has been reported from northeast African areas also, resulting in major internet cables snapping. Our advice from the Spiritual Hierarchy is that the lull is drawing to an end and that we should expect a steady stream of event reporting from North Africa, from South America along with the Caribbean/central American areas. But the overall pace will still be modest for a while, although it may not seem so if you happen to be in or near one of the affected areas.

The object of the relative slowdown in Earth movements was partly to give a little more time for humanity to wake up to the possibility of Ascension as an alternative to remaining on the surface of the Earth, while it becomes less and less suitable for human habitation. This time is coming to an end soon so, if you are interested in Ascending with Gaia to 5D, read the series in the articles section “The Ascension Opportunity of 2011/12” and take the recommended action without delay.

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