Getting Ready for the Shift

Every quarter when El Morya gives his perspective on “where things are”, he is always asked “When is it all going to happen: the Ascension, the major Earth changes etc”. And he replies “We do not know the answer in Gregorian calendar terms but see the several stages happening in line with the completion of a series of evolutionary stages by Gaia”.

My constant confidante Catherine, who is part of the core settler team on the 5D New Earth, tells me that the big shift is really quite close — not so much because we’re getting closer to 21/12/12 but because Gaia is close to being ready. My mystical friend Robert Mulliss, who works closely with Gaia, is giving a similar view of progress.

The important thing is to continue to project that “I am ready when you are” towards Gaia and you can use the Dnet for this purpose, since Gaia is a major operator within the Central Sphere, to which your individual sphere is connected. Catherine is observing that, if a specific date for Ascension was published, millions or billions would project a whole mix of energies towards it ranging from discordant to somewhat enthusiastic. The emotions alone would be enough to blow the process out of the water. In contrast, being ready and available in a state of harmony when you are called enables the whole process to go ahead unimpeded.

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