Replacing Old Patterns as you move to 5D

A major task for a Spiritually inclined individual, on the eve of the
Earth’s Ascension, is to find alternative ways of living within each
day. In this way every endeavour at work, at home or in developing
co-operative undertakings with friends and fellow travellers on the Path, can become at least a partial replica of the energy patterns awaiting you at the 5D level.

This new approach requires an ongoing self-monitoring to identify, challenge and replace old 3D patterns of thinking, speaking, hearing and taking action, with attributes of a 5D essence. Then each day you can certify that you have advanced to a higher level in terms of these “nuts and bolts” of interacting with life itself. The key values of love, compassion, empathy, clarity of perception, focused actions and creativity are integrated into each moment – all these require the initiate to be fully engaged with their incorporation into daily living.

Alongside your personal endeavours, our team from the Divine
Feminine will work with each of you every day (and even more at
night) to raise your vibration directly through the impregnation of
higher frequencies. These will be selected to be in accordance with the advancing refinement of the Earth’s vibratory lifeforce and, simultaneously, to be of a level that you can absorb harmoniously, maintaining a functioning balance with the place you reached the previous day.

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