Love — The Fabric of Creation

Love – The Fabric of Creation
By Patricia Davis

As air is the medium of sound, so love is the medium of the spirit or truth and love, like emotion, it is substantial. Just as tension – unhappiness – travels up through the medium of the past, through the flesh, so you’ve got to bring the substance of love into the body to allow the spirit to travel up via the medium of love. We’ve got to put as much substantial love as possible through this body to bring it to life. And there’s no finer way of making love than love-making: the word itself means that! But you must make love properly. The world has forgotten how to make love. It makes love with excitement. You can’t make love with excitement. Love is not exciting. Love is joyous. Excitement brings happiness; and happiness has an opposite – unhappiness. But there’s no opposite of joy.
So we have to learn to make love properly. It is not the same as ‘having sex’ although sexual energies are utilised and transmuted within making Love. Love is the ‘fabric’ of Creation. The ‘friction’ between the 2 polarities resonates with Life, as Life. Friction gives off sounds – music of the activity. First of all put a background of lovingness around yourselves. Try to be as kind as you can and bring that sort of background of love into your lives. Then, those of you who listen to this particular teaching are told to bring love into your lives substantially – by making love without expectation, just flowing with the sensations and emotions… You men and women: surrender yourselves totally to the moment of making love, and to the each other’s body. Do not think of what you going to do tomorrow or the next moment. Do not look at what you did yesterday or the day before. And do not imagine any other person. Here is your love. If you’re making love to her/him, give him every single bit of yourself. There is no question of dominance within Love, only a dynamic movement of giving and receiving between the two. It means dropping all the tension, all the past, letting it all fall down from you. It means giving yourself to the moment, to be where you are, now.
To make love; you have to bring love into yourself and as love is the medium of the spirit or truth, so, once you have sufficient love in you, the spirit or truth rises up in your body and you become truer, straighter, with less expectation and less emotion.
If you can’t give yourself utterly, I have to say to you: ‘Why are you making love? Don’t make love to this person!’ But if you are making love to/with him/her, then give yourself utterly. It has to be one or the other.
You resonate with each other. ‘Making Love’ is the same as making Music. When a couple ‘fall’ in/into Love then they fall into rhythm with each other, they resonate together at a much higher rate than they can do separately. They resonate to their highest level of capacity. This gives the after-effects of performing better at everything they do in their daily life: work, meditation, hobbies etc. They change their ‘home’ frequency without noticing it. It gives deeper love, empathy and respect to other people and others respond more fully. Raising our frequency makes us ‘shine’/glow. Those who continue to work and live deeply into old age are those who know how to love deeply and fully with no restraints. It is the best health ’therapy’. Sounds create form/shapes.
The physical biological body is a musical instrument capable of producing beautiful symphonies when ‘making Love’; each organ and tissue giving forth its true ‘note’ together with that of the emotions and thought frequencies. Each cell folds within itself that enclosing body energy, then the ‘mother’ cells replicate their ‘daughter’ cells. A magnetic field is created, attracting to you energy of a like resonance, rejecting what is incompatible. Resonance occurs between the two ‘making Love’ that joining together ‘in phase’, the natural maximum and minimum values are reached and transcended simultaneously, as both systems vibrate in unison, that could not be reached independently.
You BECOME the Love/Music that you make… you ‘mutate’…transform… Health is a resonance within the Whole. Love provides immunity to dis-ease. It provides a robust energy field. Two people in a committed relationship, making and sharing Love regularly and frequently, create more loving relationships and communities…therefore…a more loving planet.
Humans have the capacity for far more emotions than any other creature. This gives us a far greater range of frequencies within our bodies. There is, (it has been said in occult literature), a total of 108 elements in nature (some yet to be uncovered). Buddhism says that humans have 108 ‘desires’. These can either torture/contract us e.g. jealousy, frustration, vanity or uplift/expand us e.g. compassion, empathy, gratitude, tenderness. These elements are related to star systems. Since the ‘One’ pre-Big Bang Source Frequency, we have been/are interconnected with the elements of the star systems; originated from these Stars, being unfolded in our individual frequencies within the One Source/Sound.

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