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Telepathic Consciousness in Higher Dimensions of Heart, Mind, and Body

A Fine Portrait of the 5D Realities

Visions of the Fifth Dimension

As we awaken to our true multidimensional humanity, we become aware of our unlimited consciousness abilities of Infinite Being. We are Infinite Divine Being in unity consciousness experiencing the cosmos through incarnate form. Within a heart-centered consciousness in Divine unity, we can experience a seamless harmonic communication exchange of pure meaning. This type of direct communication from the higher mind in the heart has been historically referred to as “telepathy.” We will find that the unveiled frictionless frequencies of information transmission and decoding in a telepathic consciousness are very natural in a higher dimensional humanity.

The Fear-Based Conflict, Control, and Separation Matrix Infecting Humanity
For thousands of years, humanity on Earth has experienced the spirit, soul, and body within a very limited 3D frequency band of consciousness through the five physical senses and the fear-based egoic level of the mind. The false system of fear, conflict, control, and separation has…

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