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Telepathic Consciousness in Higher Dimensions of Heart, Mind, and Body

A Fine Portrait of the 5D Realities

Visions of the Fifth Dimension

As we awaken to our true multidimensional humanity, we become aware of our unlimited consciousness abilities of Infinite Being. We are Infinite Divine Being in unity consciousness experiencing the cosmos through incarnate form. Within a heart-centered consciousness in Divine unity, we can experience a seamless harmonic communication exchange of pure meaning. This type of direct communication from the higher mind in the heart has been historically referred to as “telepathy.” We will find that the unveiled frictionless frequencies of information transmission and decoding in a telepathic consciousness are very natural in a higher dimensional humanity.

The Fear-Based Conflict, Control, and Separation Matrix Infecting Humanity
For thousands of years, humanity on Earth has experienced the spirit, soul, and body within a very limited 3D frequency band of consciousness through the five physical senses and the fear-based egoic level of the mind. The false system of fear, conflict, control, and separation has…

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The Sensual Approach

By Soren Dreier

We are all very well programmed into believing that ‘the sensual approach’ only targets romantic love in this day and age, and has done so for millennia.
We are also in the battle for change both on a collective level and on a personal level. It should be both; if we think they are separated awakenings we are still very profoundly at sleep.
We talk about love in general, we talk about love romantically and we talk about self-love or I would prefer: Love of Self. And that ‘self’ should not be packed away on a separate shelf in the storage facility of the soul.
As mentioned in No Country for Old Souls, I’m not very much into raving egos just targeting their wrath and fury at the matrix or at their audience. I see that as a projection of anger just finding a new target. On another note: Anger can be a very healing emotion. If we don’t want it to devour us, we have to release it.
It is such a thin line isn’t it, between anger and deep-rooted hate. Hate as a form of status quo in a person will eat their souls and the disgusting scent of methane will actually manifest in the physical.
You can always spot a ‘hater’ by their ‘Kills’ and their ‘Killing of Life’, in general. So obvious with the Matrix.
Harder to spot privately. The ones in your circle that you might want to get rid of very, very fast, are into ‘Killing Life’ that tries to emerge from the longing within you. They are the: ‘No’ crowd. They deny you life and the need you have to express it creatively, lovingly – they basically keep you caged. They don’t say ‘No’ to keep you safe, they say ‘No’ because they don’t want you safe.
They have no life themselves. Afraid, they are, of the sensual approach to life, which leaves the following statement to die a slow death, and thereby you: “Every love affair on this planet is a love affair with the God force.”
The statement holds so much longing and promise for us: the sensuality of nature, the sensuality of natural food and along that path.
Food is a very sensual affair since our sense of taste is very highly tuned in with our sense of quality of life. In other words, are we eating or are we enjoying our meal and do we feel a safety in it. There’s a serenity in quality food and once we get that, we don’t need much of it.
This should very much account for the shitty toxic food matrix, since the matrix doesn’t want sensuality in any way. It wants the mechanic ‘death by animal factory’, approach… and ‘organic’ is a very interesting word also in the subconscious way of understanding it, since organic is synergy, wholeness, and inclusive.
The sensual craving for beauty as Celente says: “Beauty is the Antidote to Fear” and right on he is and very awake.
The sensuality in creativity.
The joy of seeing others prevail in their endeavors.
The sensual / intuitive flow in music as Jeff hears it.
You can fill out the list as you would find fit for you.
Sensuality is an expression of inclusiveness, of being absorbed, attracted, holding things holy because they manifested out of an expressed universal sensuality. Sensuality basically understands the dance of the cosmos, the ever-changing sensual dance of the planet we are on and all of its manifestations.
So we try to go for the soft approach, which has a vibrancy of sensual to it, if we want to stand firm somewhere in the constructive middle of things practicing that approach. I believe that as a good place to be.
There is a form of Angry Sensuality that I’m beginning to see people expressing. The spark is somehow rooted in the fact that the matrix has them surrounded.
If that is where you are maybe you can use this way out:
Examine if you are a ‘Life Killer’, since in some way we attract what we are. If that’s the case and I hold no judgment to that, maybe examine your programming. Whatever programmed this could do it because it had the power to do so and maybe you gave it that power. Take it back!
“Easier said than done, Bro” – you might say.
No. It’s easy:
Surrender to sensuality. Sensuality doesn’t make you weaker as the matrix told you. It makes you stronger, and once you let it in, it certainly won’t leave you, unless you would decide for it to do so. That’s the power of our minds and that’s the very obvious and concrete power in the sensual combined with its stealth stillness.
Love can take everything down and build everything up.
Hate can’t – it can’t build anything up.
But I’m not talking surface based luuuve here, I never do.
I’m talking about the cracking point of it, the shift towards it, in a climate where so many claim to have it, while they’re still killing all the life around them. Look out for those toxic, self-righteous, angry and not very self-critical mindbenders.
Sensuality is so simple to practice and its only fuel is a kind of soul longing need to express gratitude in being here in 3D and to channel it back to the source that awaked it within us. It´s a loop of blessing-gratitude and respect towards whatever put us here.
Some would say that our senses, which are our fuel towards the sensual, are illusions, glamour.
I don’t necessarily agree. The senses have low vibes and high vibes too, so there’s an evolution of the senses as we go along and allow ourselves to embed them and freely express them. It’s romancing the world and all in it. So the senses follow our consciousness and our consciousness follows the senses.
We become sophisticated with them as they will become sophisticated with us as we keep hammering the matrix coldness with the beating of the warmth in each of our hearts.
We can take it down by facts – left-brain.
We can take it down by the sensuality – right brain.
Those combined in the long haul and: we have already won.
I know that now, because every day the matrix is getting colder and we’re getting warmer by surrendering to the fragility of sensuality and very much waking up to the fact that the sensual approach is a weapon we most certainly will need.
To live without the fear of touching it, expressing it… whether we see it in nature, the cosmos, a beautiful woman, a beautiful man, a deer in the morning mist, the sensuality in hearing the truth……it is everywhere; the sacred pulse of sensuality.
All things need our sensual approach and we certainly deserve it all.
© 2014 Soren Dreier – Full repost only with permission.

The 3600 Year Cycle of Nibiru Part One

3,600 Years Ago in Peru

The National Academy of Sciences has issued a report documenting a swift and devastating climate change suffered in Peru 3,600 years ago. The report is exhaustive, covering the collapse of the Supe civilization, earthquake damage, and flooding.

Natural Disasters Doomed Early Civilization
January 19, 2009

Nature turned against one of America’s early civilizations 3,600 years ago, when researchers say earthquakes and floods, followed by blowing sand, drove away residents of an area that is now in Peru. Moseley and colleagues were studying civilization of the Supe Valley along the Peruvian coast, which was established up to 5,800 years ago. The people thrived on land adjacent to productive bays and estuaries, the researchers report in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The Supe fished with nets, irrigated fruit orchards and grew cotton and a variety of vegetables. They also built stone pyramids thousands of years before the better known Mayans. But the Supe disappeared about 3,600 years ago. A massive earthquake, or series of quakes, struck the seismically active region, collapsing walls and floors and launching landslides from barren mountain ranges surrounding the valley. In addition, layers of silt indicate massive flooding followed. Then came El Nino, a periodic change in the winds and currents in the Pacific Ocean, which brought heavy rains that damaged irrigation systems and washed debris into the streams and down to the ocean, where the sand and silt settled into a large ridge, sealing off the previously rich coastal bays. In the end, land where the Supe had lived for centuries became uninhabitable and their society collapsed.

This is only the latest in scientific and geological evidence of a pole shift 3,600 years ago, during the time of the Jewish Exodus. Emanuel Velikovsky’s studies on what is written in the geology of the Earth likewise found that a great cataclysm occurred approximately 3,600 years ago. In his book Earth in Upheaval, he documented many of these scientific findings. Among them were changes in rivers and lakes of the N American continent.


 Earth in Upheaval by Emanuel Velikovsky
Times and Dates, pages 202-203

Careful investigation by W.A. Johnston of the Niagara River bed disclosed that the present channel was cut by the falls less than 4,000 years ago. And equally careful investigation of the Bear River delta by Hanson showed that the age of this delta was 3,600 years. The study by Claude Jones of the lakes of the Great Basin showed that these lakes, remnants of larger glacial lakes, have existed only about 3,500 years. Gales obtained the same result on Owen Lake in California and also Van Winkle on Abert and Summer lakes in Oregon.

Scientific studies have consistently shown that the oceans of the world dropped 16-20 feet, worldwide, approximately 3,600 years ago. Since this much water would not simply disappear or evaporate suddenly, the cause must be some geological change. Perhaps the ocean rifts widened and deepened. Perhaps some land mass rose from the sea. The cause is unknown, but the fact is well documented.

Earth in Upheaval by Emanuel Velikovsky
Dropped Ocean Level, pages 181-183

R.A. Daly observed that in a great many places all around the world there is a uniform emergence of the shore line of 18 to 20 feet. In the southwest Pacific, on the islands belonging to the Samoan group but spread over two hundred miles, the same emergence is evident. Nearly halfway around the world, at St. Helena in the South Atlantic, the lava is punctuated by dry sea caves, the floors of which are covered with water-worn pebbles, now dusty because untouched by the surf. The emergence there is also 20 feet. At the Cape of Good Hope caves and beaches also prove recent and sensibly uniform emergence to the extent of about 20 feet. Marine terraces, indicating similar emergence, are found along the Atlantic coast from New York to the Gulf of Mexico; for at least 1,000 miles along the coast of eastern Australia; along the coasts of Brazil, southwest Africa, and many islands in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans. The emergence is recent as well as of the same order of magnitude. Judging from the condition of beaches, terraces, and caves, the emergence seems to have been simultaneous on every shore. In Daly’s opinion the cause lies in the sinking of the level of all seas on the globe. Alternatively, Daly thinks it could have resulted from a deepening of the oceans or from an increase in their areas. Of special interest is the time of the change. Daly estimated the sudden drop of oceanic level to have occurred some 3,000 to 4,000 years ago.

 Scientists Challenge Conventional Sea Level Theory
December 3, 1999

Australian scientists say they have discovered evidence of rapid change in world sea levels and of a dramatic fall in geologically recent times – directly challenging current conventional wisdom. Dr Robert Baker of the University of New England, in the New South Wales country town of Armidale, has tapped the secrets of worm coatings on once-submerged rocks to shake established theory that sea levels are presently as high as they have ever been. Baker argues that sea levels have not been steady since the last ice age, as is commonly believed. Baker and his colleagues at New England University say the sea level may have fallen quickly 3,500 years ago, by as much as a meter in just 10-50 years.

The Zetas have great respect for the works of Emanuel Velikovsky, whose work was negated by those who considered the concept of great cataclysms happening during their lifetimes to be too threatening to contemplate. Velikovsky, thus, was vilified.

ZetaTalk Velikovsky 8/15/1995: Immanuel Velikovsky was a genius on par with Einstein, which is a fact seldom mentioned by his detractors. Both he and Einstein were Star Children, and indeed were friends who engaged in the type of friendly argument only two geniuses could engage in. Velikovsky’s Mission was to set mankind to thinking about the periodic cataclysms that have so dramatically left their Mark on the Earth and human history. Like Einstein, he was berated for presenting what most of mankind does not want to think about – bad news. Mountains obviously thrown skyward under extreme pressure, the Ruins of great civilizations with no reason for demise, flash frozen carcasses of healthy Mastodons with no evident cause of death – all this is put over the wall and not dealt with. Research into uncharted territory seldom results in solid conclusions all around. Theories based on theories don’t have a solid base. That any of the theories prove out, under these circumstances, is a wonder. Thus, some of Velikovsky’s theories as to the cause of the Earth’s cosmic near-collisions are unfounded. Where the planet Venus was sent into an irregular orbit after one recent pole shift, the upheavals on Earth were caused only by the passage of the 12th Planet – the major ingredient in the brew. Unlike Einstein’s theories of relativity, Velikovsky’s theories cannot be effectively proved until the Red Star, the 12th Planet, returns to savage this Solar System again. Unfortunately for those unwilling to listen to Velikovsky or contemplate the evidence he so poetically presents, they will be learning the truth of his theories – too late!

Potsdam Institute in Germany concluded that the tilt of the Earth actually changed approximately 3,600 years ago, triggering more desertification in the Sahara.


 Sahara Turned to Desert in Abrupt Climate Change
July 15, 1999

The rains stopped coming, the temperature rose and the great grasslands of North Africa turned to desert a few thousand years ago – changes that may have helped spur development of civilization in the Nile Valley. The change to today’s arid climate was not gradual – 4,000 to 3,600 years ago, according to a paper published today by the journal Geophysical Research Letters. A team of researchers headed by Martin Claussen of Germany’s Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research analyzed computer models of climate over the past several thousand years. They concluded that the change to today’s desert climate in the Sahara was triggered by changes in the Earth’s orbit and the tilt of Earth’s axis.

The same bizarre weather we are experiencing today was experienced some 3,600 years ago, according to documentation from the reign of Emperor Oin, circa 1,600 BC. Frost in July, torrential rainfall, temperature swings, crop shortages, and a disturbed rotation of the Earth. These are all things that have been predicted by the Zetas for the current time or for the week of the coming pole shift itself.

In the twenty-ninth year of King Chieh, the Sun was dimmed… King Chieh lacked virtue… the Sun was distressed… during the last years of Chieh ice formed in mornings and frosts in the sixth month. Heavy rainfall toppled temples and buildings… Heaven gave severe orders. The Sun and Moon were untimely. Hot and cold weather arrived in disorder. The five cereal crops withered and died.

Per the Zetas, the Mediterranean Sea was a swamp in the past, not flooded with sea water, a fact which allowed early man to migrate from Africa to Europe. As the Mediterranean ripped during pole shifts, it sank, and the evidence of sloshing sea water stands as evidence of the timing of one of those slosh points – two pole shifts back or approximately 7,200 years ago.

A New Wave Of Evidence
November 18, 1999

Scientists have discovered an ancient coastline 550 feet below the surface of the Black Sea, providing dramatic new evidence of a sudden, catastrophic flood around 7,500 years ago. A team of deep-sea explorers this summer captured the first sonar images of a gentle berm and a sandbar submerged undisturbed for thousands of years on the sea floor. Now, using radiocarbon dating techniques, analysts have shown that the remains of freshwater mollusks subsequently dredged from the ancient beach date back 7,500 years and saltwater species begin showing up 6,900 years ago. Explorer Robert D. Ballard, who led the team that collected the shells, said the findings indicate a flood occurred sometime during the 600-year gap.

And in 1628 BC, as best as man can estimate, a gigantic explosion on the island of Santorini occurred – a VEI 6. This was the volcanic explosion that caused Moses to wander in the Valley of the Shadow of Death during the Jewish Exodus at that time. The volcanic gloom that occurred approximately 3,600 years ago affected tree growth in northern Europe.

Ancient Trees May Explain Story of Atlantis
September 14, 2000

The Greek island of Santorini blew up in the mid-1600s B.C. While the team led by Hakan Grudd of the Climate Impacts Research Center in Kiruna, Sweden, dated the Santorini blast to 1628, other scholars use different dates, though all are within a few years. The Swedish team said their tree ring dating had a margin of error of plus or minus 65 years. Other scientists studying tree rings have found periods of frost damage and slow growth in the mid-1600s B.C. affecting Irish, English, and German oaks, pine trees in California and trees in Turkey.

Per the Zetas, there can be no doubt that the “Exodus” occurred during a pole shift.

ZetaTalk Exodus 11/15/1996: Slaves, servants and other vital staff do not just walk away from their masters, and in particular a large group, old women and children among them, do not get miles away from their masters in a desert area where lookouts can see for miles.. The exodus occurred because their masters were devastated and distracted by problems so severe as to take their minds entirely off their slaves. They left because the passage of Planet X imposed first a long night and then horrendous earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in nearby volcanoes. Chaos reigned, the very type of chaos that governments throughout the world fear lies in their near future. Guards left their posts, and household servants stole from their masters and crept away in the seemingly never-ending night. The rulers held their heads in worry and discussed among themselves how they might placate the gods. The military elite, used to utter control and tolerating no challenges to their orders, react to chaos by trying to re-establish order. Hysterical troops, unable to comprehend what was happening to them, were in no mood to placate their superiors, and thus the military was engaged with internal battles for some time. It was not until the rotation of the Earth was re-established that the Egyptian rulers and their military leaders were able to regain control of the troops.

Extinctions often occur during pole shifts due to sudden climate change. Per a Discovery magazine article in April, 1999, the last of the wooly mammoths died out approximately 3,800 years ago.

Cloning the Woolly Mammoth
April 1, 1999

The heyday of the woolly mammoth was the Pleistocene Epoch, stretching from 1.8 million years ago to the end of the last ice age 11,000 years ago. Mammoths thrived particularly well in Siberia, where dry grasslands once stretched for hundreds of miles, supporting a vibrant ecosystem of mammoths, bison, and other jumbo herbivores. The mammoth fossils on Wrangel Island are the youngest that have ever been found. It was there, apparently, that mammoths made their last stand. They died out only 3,800 years ago.

The Zetas apply logic to the finding of frozen mammoths, as there is no way they could have been frozen, and remained frozen, with green grass in their tummies without a crustal shift having occurred. This is just yet one more piece of evidence that something occurred approximately 3,600 years ago, and is due to happen to our world once again.

The 3600 year Cycle of Nibiru Part Two

3600: Proof in the Numbers

“The number 3600 was written in Sumerian as a large circle. The epithet for the planet also meant ‘a perfect circle’ or ‘a completed cycle’. It also meant the number 3600.” – Zecharia Sitchin, The 12th Planet
“The ancient Sumerian’s got their information from the Annunaki, whose home planet Nibiru makes a passage approximately every 3,657 years, by our count.” ZetaTalk
Sumerian mathematics has been interpreted to operate on a sexagesimal system, suggesting it was based on the number 60. This complex mathematical system dating back well before 3000 BC has mostly evaded understanding by those tasked with defining it.
The Babylonian civilization that supplanted Sumerian and Akkadian culture around 2000 BC also used this system to perform astronomical calculations whose influence remains with us today. That our measurements of time and circularity are defined by subsets of 60 whose base summation equals 3600 is not by happenstance.
Why the Sumerians picked 60 as the base of their numbering system is the subject of conjecture among scholars, yet the reason is obvious to those with eyes to see. As the Zetas have explained, this methodology was not developed by the Sumerians but by the Anunnaki for gauging time relative to the return of their home planet. Thus, Sumerian mathematics was not based on the number 60, but rather 3600.

In addition to the compelling evidence found in Sumerian mathematics, recurring cataclysms visited upon the Earth every 3,600 years is demonstrably evident by the archeological evidence of mass extinctions and collapsed civilizations.
“The Mastodon [or mammoth] is a species that went extinct during the past few pole shifts, primarily when the grasslands they browsed in Siberia were drawn rapidly into the new polar circle.” ZetaTalk
“In 1797 the body of a mammoth, with flesh, skin, and hair, was found in northeastern Siberia. The flesh had the appearance of freshly frozen beef; it was edible, and wolves and sled dogs fed on it without harm. The ground must have been frozen ever since the day of their entombment; had it not been frozen, the bodies of the mammoths would have putrefied in a single summer, but they remained unspoiled for some thousands of years. In some mammoths, when discovered, even the eyeballs were still preserved.
“This shows that the cold became suddenly extreme .. and knew no relenting afterward. In the stomachs and between the teeth of the mammoths were found plants and grasses that do not grow now in northern Siberia .. (but are) .. now found in southern Siberia. Microscopic examination of the skin showed red blood corpuscles, which was proof not only of a sudden death, but that the death was due to suffocation either by gases or water.”
– Immanuel Velikovsky, Earth in Upheaval

“A population of Woolly Mammoths greatly reduced in size are known to have lived on the island of Wrangel, which lies within the Arctic Circle off the coast of Northern Russia. Carbon isotope dating indicates that these Woolly Mammoths died out 1650 years BC, the most recent date attributed to the extinction of any Mammoth population.” Source

The famous Beresovka Mammoth, discovered in 1901 along the Beresovka River. Note that this mammoth is STUFFED and not a model – the remains were flash frozen and so perfectly preserved that this is the actual animal after taxidermy.
The End of the Supe, Peru

“Nature turned against one of America’s early civilizations 3,600 years ago, when researchers say earthquakes and floods, followed by blowing sand, drove away residents of an area that is now in Peru.
“Anthropologist Mike Moseley said: ‘They had no incentive to change, and then all of a sudden, boom, they just got the props knocked out from under them.’
“Moseley and colleagues were studying civilization of the Supe Valley along the Peruvian coast, which was established up to 5,800 years ago. The people thrived on land adjacent to productive bays and estuaries. The Supe fished with nets, irrigated fruit orchards and grew cotton and a variety of vegetables. They also built stone pyramids thousands of years before the better known Mayans. But the Supe disappeared about 3,600 years ago. A massive earthquake, or series of quakes, struck the region, collapsing walls and floors and launching landslides from barren mountain ranges surrounding the valley. In addition, layers of silt indicate massive flooding followed.

“Then came a change in the winds and currents in the Pacific Ocean, which brought heavy rains that damaged irrigation systems and washed debris into the streams and down to the ocean, where the sand and silt settled into a large ridge, sealing off the previously rich coastal bays. In the end, land where the Supe had lived for millenia became uninhabitable and their society collapsed.” Source
Santorini and the Demise of the Minoan Civilization

“The last major explosion of Santorini occurred 3,600 years ago. The thunderous fury of nature left its mark on the island, the home of Greece’s last active volcano which still smolders today. The entire center of the circular island sank into the sea during the tremendous volcanic explosion. The eruption caused tidal waves which virtually wiped out the advanced Minoan Civilization of Crete, 70 miles to the south.
“The huge mass of pumice thrown out from this eruption covered the surface of the sea over a wide region and was washed up at higher levels on the shores by the tsunamis triggered by earthquakes.” Source
“In Amnissos, the port of Knossos, scientists examined findings that contained ash, marine species, cattle bones, floor and wall plaster, pumice and seashells. They figured out immediately that this could be explained only by a massive and sudden inflow of water. The only way they could have been deposited on the land of Crete was by a tsunami. The tidal wave caused by Santorini Volcano traveled and hit the shores of Crete, destroying the plantations, the crops, the ships and commerce, devitalizing and deviating the Minoan Civilization. The Minoan ports and infrastructures were destroyed by the 50 feet waves and were never rebuilt.
“Using radio carbon techniques they compared the geological findings with the eruption era and the conclusion was horrifying: not only one, but several successive tsunamis, of more than 50 feet (15m) were hitting the Cretan shores, every thirty minutes.”

Remains of Atlantis under the Caribbean through Zetatalk   Deep in the waters of Cabo de San Antonio, off Cuba’s coast, researchers are exploring unusual formations of smooth blocks, crests, and geometric shapes.    . The structures are buried under 1,900 to 2,500 feet (600 to 750 meters) of water.  (Look at original report for Illustrations)

Clearly Atlantean structures have been discovered off the western tip of Cuba, deep under the water. That sunken structures exist in the Caribbean should be no surprise as the Caribbean in the past was above water, such that man could walk from Florida to Venezuela. (Part of the Atlantean continent)  Repeated crustal movements, wherein the Caribbean was the loser, pushed down, have occurred. While sunken structures are most notable off the Bahamas, the Caribbean is rife with them. The Cuba structures are so very deep because they lie in the Yucatán Channel , one of many fault lines and rifts that exist in the region because of the grinding and crunching the Caribbean has sustained.


Reality by Robert Mulliss

At the start of each lifetime a soul incarnated into human form starts the process of interpreting reality afresh. When we wake up to life on a physical plane we enter a world of impressions; light, sound and air. We perceive something but don’t know what it is and the thought arises in us which links with what we perceive and creates for the first time a germinal reality which then becomes the object of a further perception. That perception becomes the subject of a thought. The thought / percept process continues and builds into what might be described as an archetype in which all the thoughts that can happen are contained.

Eventually the sense that the 3rd dimension is the only reality becomes ingrained within us that we do not accept that there might be other possibilities. These constructs are often reinforced by the thoughts of other adults who themselves have gone through the same process and who never doubt that this earthly plane is the only reality.

In truth, we have little by way of comparison because our journey into matter takes us so far from source and the knowledge that we are spiritual beings who have descended into a physical plane.

The sheer density and challenges involved of living on the Earth tend to preoccupy us. Help is however at hand and since the turn of the last century the Spiritual Realms have been working to help us dismantle these constructs. Many individuals have been ‘woken’ or reminded of who they truly are often abruptly, through some sort of direct experience, something required to dismantle the very fixed sense of structured physical reality that has been developed during their lives.

The building of a new sense of reality doesn’t start until an individual adds something from an inward realm; a commitment to a new way forward. As everyone’s perception of reality is slightly different and with so many souls investing energy into creating realities over many thousands of years we find ourselves encased in something that seems real but is not.

New percept’s (bleeds from other dimensions) have and still are being presented to us (for example; paranormal activity, crop circles) however the days of incremental development towards a new path are over. Paranormal events remind us that we can no longer slip back into outdated illusions of reality.
At the start of the Aquarian age earthly life is not just about incarnating to experience the physical plane. We are here to do far more; we are here too ‘divinitise matter’. This is our true mission and instead of investing our thoughts and energies into perpetuating existing constructs of reality we should be focussing efforts on manifesting new constructs that are based upon love, service and compassion, thus raising the overall energetic vibration of humanity and the Earth.

Revisiting the Chronicles of Narnia

Revisiting the Chronicles of Narnia

Recently I was advised to reread several of the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. I had first read the whole set of seven books some 40 years ago, as part of my studies in a Hermetic Mystery School. C.S. Lewis was closely involved with both Tolkien and Sir George Trevelyan in unpeeling the innumerable layers of realities and dimensions all around us, so we need not feel constricted within a narrow 3D world.

As we prepare ourselves to co-exist at the higher frequencies of the 5D New Earth, while still present on 3D Earth, the Narnia stories of inter-dimensional travel can give us a feel for White Magic in action. Each of the main characters goes through a process of being offered an opportunity to move forwards on the Path of Light, while being confronted with the opposing energies from the dark side, which are all too recognisable as related to the cold, unfeeling, blind, materialistic traditions and practices of mainstream human society.

The magical land of Narnia is at a 4D level where, although the battle between Light and dark is ongoing, there is supervision of the outcomes by a dominant Light power. As Narnia’s evolution progresses, we are shown how a portal opens which facilitates the passage of those with open hearts to the New World at 5D level.

The surviving main characters (one had dropped out to become a socialite in mainstream 3D) are relieved to discover the interconnectedness of all the worlds with which they were familiar. They are further relieved to find an eternal contact with family, people, places and the beauty of Nature, beyond anything they had thought possible. They did not have any feeling of loss by moving to the higher levels of livingness, as they realised the simultaneous evolution of all these worlds at different levels of consciousness.

Our suggestion is that you start by reading/reading Vol.6 The Magician’s Nephew and then move forwards from Vol.1 as usual. Vol.7 The Last Battle is the third crucial account but all are worth the time they take to read. By seeing how the children throw off their youthful personalities and rise to each occasion by taking a heart-felt responsibility, we can be inspired to grow ourselves and be fully open to the vast Spiritual opportunities unfolding

Andrew Smith

Brilliant Second Sun (Nibiru) Sighting

Second Sun capture at 6:50 am in Wichita, KS on 8/11/13 by my mom.

This was seen by my mother with her naked eye and then took the pic…and it was MUCH more prevalent in the photo:

“When the sky started to lighten I was traveling west and started noticing the sun about to come up behind me. I passed Towanda, KS and the sky was a brilliant red! I have never seen such a red sky! I am a landscape photographer and of course I had to stop to take a picture! When I looked at the Sun rising the Sun was red, red, red! There was quite a bit of glare but I noticed to the top, side of the Sun it seemed to glare more. I raised my cell phone and it was trying to focus itself. While it was doing that I clearly saw the orb in the screen. It was very clear, separate and apart from the Sun. I clicked the cell and the pic came up instantly! I looked at it and my 1st thought was: “what the heck is that?” Naturally I took another pic and it was still there! I was shocked. I thought “well let me zoom it in as close as possible on my cell phone”. My heart was racing and my hands started shaking as I fumbled with my phone trying to get the zoom function working. I finally got it to zoom and click on it again and as it was focusing on the close up the orb was huge! I saw it and almost fainted, my head just emptied of any thoughts at all. I was numb. I took one more with the zoom function. The orb had not moved at all. I was completely shocked. I got back in my car and heart still racing, managed to send the pic to Justin. It was a completely shocking surprise at what I had captured. So that’s the whole story”.

Love — The Fabric of Creation

Love – The Fabric of Creation
By Patricia Davis

As air is the medium of sound, so love is the medium of the spirit or truth and love, like emotion, it is substantial. Just as tension – unhappiness – travels up through the medium of the past, through the flesh, so you’ve got to bring the substance of love into the body to allow the spirit to travel up via the medium of love. We’ve got to put as much substantial love as possible through this body to bring it to life. And there’s no finer way of making love than love-making: the word itself means that! But you must make love properly. The world has forgotten how to make love. It makes love with excitement. You can’t make love with excitement. Love is not exciting. Love is joyous. Excitement brings happiness; and happiness has an opposite – unhappiness. But there’s no opposite of joy.
So we have to learn to make love properly. It is not the same as ‘having sex’ although sexual energies are utilised and transmuted within making Love. Love is the ‘fabric’ of Creation. The ‘friction’ between the 2 polarities resonates with Life, as Life. Friction gives off sounds – music of the activity. First of all put a background of lovingness around yourselves. Try to be as kind as you can and bring that sort of background of love into your lives. Then, those of you who listen to this particular teaching are told to bring love into your lives substantially – by making love without expectation, just flowing with the sensations and emotions… You men and women: surrender yourselves totally to the moment of making love, and to the each other’s body. Do not think of what you going to do tomorrow or the next moment. Do not look at what you did yesterday or the day before. And do not imagine any other person. Here is your love. If you’re making love to her/him, give him every single bit of yourself. There is no question of dominance within Love, only a dynamic movement of giving and receiving between the two. It means dropping all the tension, all the past, letting it all fall down from you. It means giving yourself to the moment, to be where you are, now.
To make love; you have to bring love into yourself and as love is the medium of the spirit or truth, so, once you have sufficient love in you, the spirit or truth rises up in your body and you become truer, straighter, with less expectation and less emotion.
If you can’t give yourself utterly, I have to say to you: ‘Why are you making love? Don’t make love to this person!’ But if you are making love to/with him/her, then give yourself utterly. It has to be one or the other.
You resonate with each other. ‘Making Love’ is the same as making Music. When a couple ‘fall’ in/into Love then they fall into rhythm with each other, they resonate together at a much higher rate than they can do separately. They resonate to their highest level of capacity. This gives the after-effects of performing better at everything they do in their daily life: work, meditation, hobbies etc. They change their ‘home’ frequency without noticing it. It gives deeper love, empathy and respect to other people and others respond more fully. Raising our frequency makes us ‘shine’/glow. Those who continue to work and live deeply into old age are those who know how to love deeply and fully with no restraints. It is the best health ’therapy’. Sounds create form/shapes.
The physical biological body is a musical instrument capable of producing beautiful symphonies when ‘making Love’; each organ and tissue giving forth its true ‘note’ together with that of the emotions and thought frequencies. Each cell folds within itself that enclosing body energy, then the ‘mother’ cells replicate their ‘daughter’ cells. A magnetic field is created, attracting to you energy of a like resonance, rejecting what is incompatible. Resonance occurs between the two ‘making Love’ that joining together ‘in phase’, the natural maximum and minimum values are reached and transcended simultaneously, as both systems vibrate in unison, that could not be reached independently.
You BECOME the Love/Music that you make… you ‘mutate’…transform… Health is a resonance within the Whole. Love provides immunity to dis-ease. It provides a robust energy field. Two people in a committed relationship, making and sharing Love regularly and frequently, create more loving relationships and communities…therefore…a more loving planet.
Humans have the capacity for far more emotions than any other creature. This gives us a far greater range of frequencies within our bodies. There is, (it has been said in occult literature), a total of 108 elements in nature (some yet to be uncovered). Buddhism says that humans have 108 ‘desires’. These can either torture/contract us e.g. jealousy, frustration, vanity or uplift/expand us e.g. compassion, empathy, gratitude, tenderness. These elements are related to star systems. Since the ‘One’ pre-Big Bang Source Frequency, we have been/are interconnected with the elements of the star systems; originated from these Stars, being unfolded in our individual frequencies within the One Source/Sound.

Latest News on the Approach of Planet X/Nibiru

Sun North and Bright

Way too far North, way too high in the dome, and way too bright. This has been observed and documented recently from America and Europe, as documented in this Pole Shift ning blog. This implies a lean into opposition, where the N Pole of Earth is pointing consistently more toward the Sun and Planet X. Leaning into opposition places Earth in a comfortable position, along the magnetic flow lines of Planet X, aka Nibiru.

ZetaTalk Explanation 8/6/2011: As Planet X moved closer still, enveloping Earth in its magnetosphere, a type of flipping about also began, where the Earth would tilt its N Pole away or flip in the other direction, into opposition along the magnetic flow lines of Planet X. The Earth will attempt to placate the dominant magnetic field of Planet X by lying in opposition, actually pointing its N Pole toward the Sun.

Late afternoon on June 9, 2013 at 4:30 pm the Sun was “virtually overhead” in Blackpool, UK as determined by the shadows. The Sun should have been casting long shadows at that time, about one-third way up in the dome (Altitude 30), closer to the horizon than the top of the dome, per Skymap. Yet from the angle, it appears to be twice that, two-thirds of the way up in the dome. In Wisconsin, I, Nancy, had a chance to take a couple readings when the Sun was quite visible. In both cases the measure was 20? or more too far to the North. The Sun was also rising early and too high in the dome by about that same measure, 20?.

June 9: The Sun at 16.30 hrs in Blackpool North West UK. Note the shadows under the cars on the road – Sun virtually overhead! [and from another] June 11: I just took a measure here in Wisconsin at 6:55 am DST. By my measure the Sun was at Azimuth 53 in the NE and Altitude 40, Per Skymap it should have been Azimuth 73 and Altitude 17. This is fully 20d too far to the North and fully 20d too high in the dome! I have had these readings pretty consistently, during sunny days, which are few and far between in our lingering cold spring here. [and from another] June 17: Sun way too far North. Skymap says it should be at Azimuth 68, but it is at Azimuth 43, a full 25d too far North!
Another phenomena is also apparent – a sunrise occurring for hours before the Sun is scheduled to rise, with the sunrise seeming to last for hours. This is the Second Sun, sunlight bouncing off the vast dust cloud of Planet X so it appears two suns are rising, one after the other. A webcam capture in Sweden on June 15, 2013 shows the Sun rising hours too early. The Second Sun was captured on the webcam at 00:55 am. Predawn light is traditionally evident only the hour or at most two hours before sunrise.