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Brilliant Second Sun (Nibiru) Sighting

Second Sun capture at 6:50 am in Wichita, KS on 8/11/13 by my mom.

This was seen by my mother with her naked eye and then took the pic…and it was MUCH more prevalent in the photo:

“When the sky started to lighten I was traveling west and started noticing the sun about to come up behind me. I passed Towanda, KS and the sky was a brilliant red! I have never seen such a red sky! I am a landscape photographer and of course I had to stop to take a picture! When I looked at the Sun rising the Sun was red, red, red! There was quite a bit of glare but I noticed to the top, side of the Sun it seemed to glare more. I raised my cell phone and it was trying to focus itself. While it was doing that I clearly saw the orb in the screen. It was very clear, separate and apart from the Sun. I clicked the cell and the pic came up instantly! I looked at it and my 1st thought was: “what the heck is that?” Naturally I took another pic and it was still there! I was shocked. I thought “well let me zoom it in as close as possible on my cell phone”. My heart was racing and my hands started shaking as I fumbled with my phone trying to get the zoom function working. I finally got it to zoom and click on it again and as it was focusing on the close up the orb was huge! I saw it and almost fainted, my head just emptied of any thoughts at all. I was numb. I took one more with the zoom function. The orb had not moved at all. I was completely shocked. I got back in my car and heart still racing, managed to send the pic to Justin. It was a completely shocking surprise at what I had captured. So that’s the whole story”.

Love — The Fabric of Creation

Love – The Fabric of Creation
By Patricia Davis

As air is the medium of sound, so love is the medium of the spirit or truth and love, like emotion, it is substantial. Just as tension – unhappiness – travels up through the medium of the past, through the flesh, so you’ve got to bring the substance of love into the body to allow the spirit to travel up via the medium of love. We’ve got to put as much substantial love as possible through this body to bring it to life. And there’s no finer way of making love than love-making: the word itself means that! But you must make love properly. The world has forgotten how to make love. It makes love with excitement. You can’t make love with excitement. Love is not exciting. Love is joyous. Excitement brings happiness; and happiness has an opposite – unhappiness. But there’s no opposite of joy.
So we have to learn to make love properly. It is not the same as ‘having sex’ although sexual energies are utilised and transmuted within making Love. Love is the ‘fabric’ of Creation. The ‘friction’ between the 2 polarities resonates with Life, as Life. Friction gives off sounds – music of the activity. First of all put a background of lovingness around yourselves. Try to be as kind as you can and bring that sort of background of love into your lives. Then, those of you who listen to this particular teaching are told to bring love into your lives substantially – by making love without expectation, just flowing with the sensations and emotions… You men and women: surrender yourselves totally to the moment of making love, and to the each other’s body. Do not think of what you going to do tomorrow or the next moment. Do not look at what you did yesterday or the day before. And do not imagine any other person. Here is your love. If you’re making love to her/him, give him every single bit of yourself. There is no question of dominance within Love, only a dynamic movement of giving and receiving between the two. It means dropping all the tension, all the past, letting it all fall down from you. It means giving yourself to the moment, to be where you are, now.
To make love; you have to bring love into yourself and as love is the medium of the spirit or truth, so, once you have sufficient love in you, the spirit or truth rises up in your body and you become truer, straighter, with less expectation and less emotion.
If you can’t give yourself utterly, I have to say to you: ‘Why are you making love? Don’t make love to this person!’ But if you are making love to/with him/her, then give yourself utterly. It has to be one or the other.
You resonate with each other. ‘Making Love’ is the same as making Music. When a couple ‘fall’ in/into Love then they fall into rhythm with each other, they resonate together at a much higher rate than they can do separately. They resonate to their highest level of capacity. This gives the after-effects of performing better at everything they do in their daily life: work, meditation, hobbies etc. They change their ‘home’ frequency without noticing it. It gives deeper love, empathy and respect to other people and others respond more fully. Raising our frequency makes us ‘shine’/glow. Those who continue to work and live deeply into old age are those who know how to love deeply and fully with no restraints. It is the best health ’therapy’. Sounds create form/shapes.
The physical biological body is a musical instrument capable of producing beautiful symphonies when ‘making Love’; each organ and tissue giving forth its true ‘note’ together with that of the emotions and thought frequencies. Each cell folds within itself that enclosing body energy, then the ‘mother’ cells replicate their ‘daughter’ cells. A magnetic field is created, attracting to you energy of a like resonance, rejecting what is incompatible. Resonance occurs between the two ‘making Love’ that joining together ‘in phase’, the natural maximum and minimum values are reached and transcended simultaneously, as both systems vibrate in unison, that could not be reached independently.
You BECOME the Love/Music that you make… you ‘mutate’…transform… Health is a resonance within the Whole. Love provides immunity to dis-ease. It provides a robust energy field. Two people in a committed relationship, making and sharing Love regularly and frequently, create more loving relationships and communities…therefore…a more loving planet.
Humans have the capacity for far more emotions than any other creature. This gives us a far greater range of frequencies within our bodies. There is, (it has been said in occult literature), a total of 108 elements in nature (some yet to be uncovered). Buddhism says that humans have 108 ‘desires’. These can either torture/contract us e.g. jealousy, frustration, vanity or uplift/expand us e.g. compassion, empathy, gratitude, tenderness. These elements are related to star systems. Since the ‘One’ pre-Big Bang Source Frequency, we have been/are interconnected with the elements of the star systems; originated from these Stars, being unfolded in our individual frequencies within the One Source/Sound.

Latest News on the Approach of Planet X/Nibiru

Sun North and Bright

Way too far North, way too high in the dome, and way too bright. This has been observed and documented recently from America and Europe, as documented in this Pole Shift ning blog. This implies a lean into opposition, where the N Pole of Earth is pointing consistently more toward the Sun and Planet X. Leaning into opposition places Earth in a comfortable position, along the magnetic flow lines of Planet X, aka Nibiru.

ZetaTalk Explanation 8/6/2011: As Planet X moved closer still, enveloping Earth in its magnetosphere, a type of flipping about also began, where the Earth would tilt its N Pole away or flip in the other direction, into opposition along the magnetic flow lines of Planet X. The Earth will attempt to placate the dominant magnetic field of Planet X by lying in opposition, actually pointing its N Pole toward the Sun.

Late afternoon on June 9, 2013 at 4:30 pm the Sun was “virtually overhead” in Blackpool, UK as determined by the shadows. The Sun should have been casting long shadows at that time, about one-third way up in the dome (Altitude 30), closer to the horizon than the top of the dome, per Skymap. Yet from the angle, it appears to be twice that, two-thirds of the way up in the dome. In Wisconsin, I, Nancy, had a chance to take a couple readings when the Sun was quite visible. In both cases the measure was 20? or more too far to the North. The Sun was also rising early and too high in the dome by about that same measure, 20?.

June 9: The Sun at 16.30 hrs in Blackpool North West UK. Note the shadows under the cars on the road – Sun virtually overhead! [and from another] June 11: I just took a measure here in Wisconsin at 6:55 am DST. By my measure the Sun was at Azimuth 53 in the NE and Altitude 40, Per Skymap it should have been Azimuth 73 and Altitude 17. This is fully 20d too far to the North and fully 20d too high in the dome! I have had these readings pretty consistently, during sunny days, which are few and far between in our lingering cold spring here. [and from another] June 17: Sun way too far North. Skymap says it should be at Azimuth 68, but it is at Azimuth 43, a full 25d too far North!
Another phenomena is also apparent – a sunrise occurring for hours before the Sun is scheduled to rise, with the sunrise seeming to last for hours. This is the Second Sun, sunlight bouncing off the vast dust cloud of Planet X so it appears two suns are rising, one after the other. A webcam capture in Sweden on June 15, 2013 shows the Sun rising hours too early. The Second Sun was captured on the webcam at 00:55 am. Predawn light is traditionally evident only the hour or at most two hours before sunrise.


Quan Yin: Where We are Now — 16th June, 2013

Since the much awaited Winter Solstice of 2012, the divergence has steadily opened up between Third Dimensional (3D) humanity and those individuals who have linked themselves consciously through their Heart Centres to the inspirational calling of the Fifth Dimensional (5D) New Earth. The massive influx of 5D and even higher energies at the Winter Solstice (as the Mayans and others had correctly forecast) has enabled some committed individuals, who are genuinely seeking to be part of a new love-based world, to make substantial strides each successive month towards their inspired goal.

There were no dramatic worldwide physical events during the three days of the 2012 Winter Solstice, although the Earth’s plates continued in their steady re-arrangement with many quakes and tremors expressing themselves – both large and small. The concept of this Solstice period being “when it all was going to happen” was an approximation necessary to get the word out re the scale of extraordinary physical events on Earth, which could have manifested any time from late 2011 onwards.

These events are closer now than you may realise but, as we have pointed out on numerous occasions, the Spiritual Hierarchy does not work with “time” and/or the Roman calendar. So it is a major stretch for us to predict even major happenings in terms of your days, months and years. By comparison, the evolving situation is very clear in terms of the complex sequences of events and energetic interactions with which we work within the Divine Feminine and the White Brotherhood. We continue our endeavours to find meaningful ways to communicate the importance and scale of the unfolding changes.

The disappearance of much of your seasonal patterns within the span of a year, coupled with the ever changing and increasingly wild weather each month, are the most tangible evidence that life on 3D Earth is indeed in the throes of irreversible and profound alterations. We do realise that this is not welcome news to most of humanity but, to put this in perspective, it never was welcomed, except by a few, during the run-up to past cataclysmic events either.

When Noah was preparing for the final sinking of Atlantis, he was held up to ridicule by neighbours, friends and onlookers on a regular basis – but he carried on anyway with his detailed preparations. Similarly, when the High Priest (Moses) warned all the Egyptian people of the coming scourges of land, air and water some 3,600 years ago, he experienced only a modest response, despite the high regard in which he was held in that Spiritual position. It was only when the successive disasters of weather, ecology and famine/disease manifested that survivors were interested in following his guidance. There are indeed plenty of historical precedents for people being unprepared for these cyclical cataclysms.

At this time, the physical changes which continue to evolve are concurrent with the major revolution taking place of Gaia’s Ascension to Fifth Dimensional Consciousness, along with the activation of the 5D New Earth taking it from a modest training dimension to the full-scale experience of “Life on Earth”. We have strongly recommended that those of you with any degree of Spiritual awakening give a very high priority to learning to attune to the much higher energies and vibrational frequencies of the 5D New Earth, rather than just believing that you will just float up to the higher levels like a cork in rising water. This time, it is a huge expansion in Spiritual awareness which is the key to making a safe transition, rather than building a physical Ark or finding a new “promised land” in some other part of 3D Earth.

We have created the Dnet to enable you to make rapid progress to higher levels of Consciousness without the need for full-time study in a traditional Spiritual school. We are continuing to ensure that it functions well on a daily basis. Using the Dnet structure, we have introduced more advanced courses including Light Body Activation and we appreciate that some dedicated Spiritual aspirants are responding and realising their enormous value.

We totally recognise the freewill basis of life on 3D Earth. You can make whatever choices you want and find out where these take you. We would like to point out, however, that the higher purpose of practicing freewill choices, lifetime after lifetime, is to learn to make wise choices at the right time, while exercising a fine discernment, especially when faced with unfamiliar situations on a worldwide scale.

We wish you well on your life journey as you pass through the Summer Solstice into the third quarter of the year – the time of harvest. We remain ready to help individuals wishing to be part of the 5D New Earth who are also willing to “sign-on” each day. You are welcome to get in touch with questions or requests for individual guidance.

Blessings to you all.

I am Quan Yin

Disclosure of Alien Presence by Former Cabinet Minister

In addition to the inherent interest of this talk in itself, this talk’s release (and non-deletion) is significant as it indicates a further lifting of the cover-up with regard to both the Alien presence and the approach of Planet X/Nibiru. It seems more and more likely that the “official” announcement about Planet X /Nibiru is getting close.

Paul Hellyer has released more detail both on youtube and in writing about these and related political/financial subjects.


The Fundamental Reality Shift since Winter Solstice 2012

A Message from Jeshua, thru Jenny Brooke

Fighting what is occurring is no good- it will happen anyway. Going with the flow, and letting go of what is old,obsolete is what is needed now.

Inviting the New is what you need to be doing- Trusting , Surrendering and being Grateful for everything you have. No more clinging with your fingernails in case you fall off the ledge, and drop into the abyss.

There are new ways to welcome in, new ideas to birth.

The transition from stage to stage is always the most difficult ,but if the New is welcomed,albeit unknown,the birth of the New will be far more smooth.

Journeying this road is not without challenges. When you turn a corner you don’t always know what is around the other side,but it does not stop you making that turn. Don’t hesitate for fear that it may not look the way you know, simply trust and know that the next part of the route will unfold.

Going a head in Faith takes time to learn.

It is not folly to enter new unchartered waters,but time to open up to who is at the helm and allow me to navigate the way forward. To see you through to journey’s end.


I didn’t think there was an end to this journey Beloved?

Pursuit of what has gone will not teach those to come and those who do not yet trust to move forward in Faith. Remaining at the traffic lights forever would cause a blockage where frustration will occur and build. Going ahead and opening to the New will bring that which must now come to fruition – The Birth of the New.