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The Fifth Dimensional Network (Dnet)

30th April, 2012

As Gaia gathers all her strength in preparation for her final move in her Ascension to Fifth Dimensional (5D) Consciousness, the Spiritual hierarchy (and the Divine Feminine in particular) are launching a new energetic programme for the specific purpose of enabling human individuals to safely Ascend with Gaia to 5D.

In recent months, the offer was made by Quan Yin in “The Ascension Opportunity of 2012” that all people choosing to “Sign On” each morning to moving along the Golden Path to 5D would be helped directly and enabled to make this major transition. She explained and asserted that by making this daily connection an individual would most certainly get to 5D although, for those who had done little advance preparation, it might well be a somewhat bumpy ride. It could also involve a stint in a training dimension (school) to ensure a balanced entry to the worlds of the New Earth. Continue reading ‘The Fifth Dimensional Network (Dnet)’