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7th May Getting Started with the Dnet

7th May, 2012 Getting Started with the Dnet.

During the next few months, specific events and sights will make it very clear that it’s “all change” with life on Earth as we know it. This will be more a release and conclusion to the malfunctioning and distorted old third dimensional (3D) world, rather than specific disasters. Plate movements and their associated tremors will no doubt continue.

The challenge for those on the Golden Path (or wishing to be) is to align themselves with a specific energy structure which will, day by day, draw them inexorably towards the 5D New Earth. The rampant negativity on 3D Earth has unfortunately got in the way, to some extent, of even the most determined individuals moving forward towards the Light. While they may have achieved a Consciousness significantly beyond the mainstream muddle and chaos, the yawning gap between their current level of Being and even the most simple manifestation of the new 5D Earth is still very substantial. Continue reading ‘7th May Getting Started with the Dnet’