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12th January 2012

It takes a few weeks, following the Spiritual New Year at the Winter Solstice, for the new energies within the developing Year to settle into a pattern which will express itself during all the successive months. This pattern is designed by the Spiritual Deva whose role it is to oversee the Year’s evolution and ensure it is in line with the needs of the broad Spiritual Hierarchy.

At this time the focus of all Spiritual participants is on the final stages of the evolution of the Earth to Fifth Dimensional Consciousness (5D). Consequently all individual plans and involvements must be supportive of this vast endeavour – the most significant change on Earth for a million years or so. Continue reading ’12th January 2012′


Introduction and Welcome

Welcome to our “up to the moment” commentary on the Earth’s progress towards Fifth Dimensional (5D) Consciousness. Rather than going into the past to try and understand what’s going on currently, we are now receiving one or more communications each week from our White Brotherhood team.

Our work stems from the Ascension programme created by the four leaders of Camelot and the corresponding leaders of the Golden Age of Atlantis: Continue reading ‘Introduction and Welcome’