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A Spiritual Perspective from a Political Activist

Monday, January 14th, 2013. Filed under: Activism Consciousness Esoterica Inspiration Spirituality The Awakening

by Zen Gardner
Learning to handle these exciting new vibrations and cosmic changes is very much like learning to sail in uncharted waters. We really need to learn how to navigate these unknown waves and currents and be ready at the helm for the many fluctuations pounding our ships of life.
I’m also feeling for the people who have no clue as to what’s going on.
To think there are so many who don’t even know there is a cosmic sea, never mind that there are huge energetic wave changes reaching our planetary system that are now rocking their proverbial boats, is sad. I guess it’s like Plato’s cave analogy, only here it’s blind people in a boat who think all the world is the small structure and items they feel around them, while the real cosmic reality is expanding around them well outside their “boat” reality.

Stay on High Alert
There’s a lot of very interesting information available on this transition we’re going through with many interpretations, and some great advice on how to manage these vibrational changes. My personal take is to stay very alert and aware on every front, most of all with my thoughts and feelings, remaining the observer monitoring what’s going on within and without me.
Don’t ever forget, your very thoughts and feelings at times may not be your own but some morphed projection from these hyper-technological insane driven would-be controllers to steer humanity as well. This is especially so when our guards are down.
For me staying on alert also means keeping abreast of the news, the real news. It’s watching for trends, not just in the NWO rollout or political news, but following earth and space changes is very important. How our planet and solar system are behaving is intrinsic to getting a deeper sense of the energetic changes we’re undergoing. And sensing the spiritual changes around you is also imperative, much of which is intuitive. Once you get a rounded picture of the current situation the dots connect.
But we have to keep at it, especially now.
Real information is everything. It’s our spiritual food. Either we’re getting the adulterated stuff or we’re getting real nourishment. It makes a world of difference in how we feel and think and affects the very course of our lives and hence the rest of humanity since we each affect it so profoundly. I avoid raw TV as much as possible. It’s toxic and completely destructive. If there’s something worth watching you’ll find it on the net where you can be in control of it. If you have to watch anything, limit it carefully and always mute the advertisements.

Conscious, Observant Living Is A Must – Beware the Unconscious Crazies
Learning to listen to our hearts, our real consciousness that taps into the central Source, and observe from that point is the key. As things start to pick up more speed as they are now this will be more and more important when mental processes get more and more affected.
The mind is much like the computer that is susceptible to an EMP blast, a large electromagnetic pulse, the same kind that can stop your computer controlled car and shut down the grid. The heart, however, your conscious spirit, only revels in the additional energetic bursts and will never let you down!
Now that’s empowerment! But we have be careful.
Now I drive slower than I used to. We all should. We need to watch out for erratic behavior on the roads when we’re out, people are going to start unraveling before our eyes. Many will have psychotic type reactions to these vibrational changes and we need to be wary wherever we are.

Make Friends and Help Each Other
This has changed my life. I spend almost my full waking time on the internet and discussing with loved ones what’s going on. There is so much to learn and there are so many amazing wonderful people who have been researching and compiling empowering information I just don’t have time for anything else. I get my walk and take breaks but it’s my full time passion because it to me is the essence of what’s happening and where I can help and be the most effective.
Contributing to this massive wake up is all that matters to me.
I’m a communicator. And I’m not afraid to ask questions, or to thank those who have contributed so much to this truth revolution. This has led to the best friendships of my life. I wrote how many of us seem to be alone when in reality we’re most likely where we’re supposed to be, yet we’re united in spirit.
I received many touching comments to that post as it apparently resonated with quite a few people. Many also said they don’t mind the isolation. That’s the world they work and learn best in, and I relate to that. Most of the people I correspond with are the same. We savor conscious awareness and spreading it. It’s an act of love that gives tremendous satisfaction that at least we’re doing what we can.
And we do the same in our daily interactions.
These friendships that have come with meeting fellow activists are the best. They’re almost like broadening your antenna array to where you can pick up clearer signals and bounce your “readings” off those you love and trust. So often a little inkling or sensation or an email and link from a friend can lead to new realms of understanding and even new researchers and whole areas you weren’t aware of and a fresh re-synthesizing of what you’ve come to learn.
It’s just fabulous.
But we have to reach out.

Conclusion – Activate or Else
These energetic changes are not the answer. We are the answer. Those they affect who in turn willingly transform and pass it on, helping others understand and utilize what’s going on, are the answer.
You and me.
With or without these new energies our mission is the same. But what a great time to be alive as it clearly appears we’re getting a boost…good for conscious humanity, but bad for the matrix whose minions are scared to death of what’s happening.
This is why the frantic implementation of the control system. Poor puny bastards. It’s like a bucket of water on a raging forest fire. Sorry guys, you already lost. You really think you can fight the Truth? C’mon.
But we do need to keep exposing them so others can see through their false projection and find empowering Truth and Reality for themselves.
Sail On!
We’re sailing the cosmic sea, the wind is picking up, and it’s all hands on deck!
We’re here to act out our mission, however we’re each called. We can follow, we can lead. We can sit by the wayside.
I don’t personally condone non-action in the least. We need to be conscious responders. Not inexcusable idiots. That’s thoroughly pathetic. I think we’ve all been through enough of that..and so have the enslaved.
Raise your voice.
Radiate the change any way you can!
Love, Zen


Astronomers Observe Milky Way Energy Flow

BREAKING NEWS: Powerful Magnetic Outflow Coming From Milky Way Galactic Plane

by Mitch Battros – Earth Changes Media

Enormous outflows of charged particles from the center of our Galaxy, stretching more than halfway across the sky and moving at supersonic speeds, have been detected and mapped with CSIRO’s 64-m Parkes radio telescope.

Corresponding to the “Fermi Bubbles” found in 2010, the recent observations of the phenomenon were made by a team of astronomers from Australia , the USA , Italy and The Netherlands, with the findings reported in the January 2nd 2013 issue of Nature.

“There is an incredible amount of energy in the outflows,” said co-author Professor Lister-Staveley-Smith from The University of Western Australia node of the International center for Radio Astronomy Research in Perth and Deputy Director of the ARC center of Excellence for All-sky Astrophysics (CAASTRO).

The source of the energy has been somewhat of a mystery, but we know there is a lot there, about a million times as much energy as a supernova explosion (a dying star).

From top to bottom the outflows extend 50,000 light-years out of the Galactic Plane. That’s equal to half the diameter of our Galaxy (which is 100,000 light-years across). Our solar system is approximately 30,000 light-years from the center of the Milky Way galaxy which is well within the reach of these enormous particle flows. Seen from Earth, but invisible to the human eye, the outflows stretch about two-thirds across the sky from horizon to horizon.


A Mayan Perspective on the Winter Solstice

From Les Carney:

I spent 40 days traveling with the head of the Mayan Council, the chief spokesperson for the Maya, filming their message to the world about what the Mayans themselves believe about the ending of their calendar in the year 2012. My comments come out of that experience and I trust will be helpful.
First of all, the Mayan calendar is a calendar of Consciousness. The ending of the calendar, is the ending of one level of consciousness and the emergence into another level. The Mayans state that the consciousness of duality, the splitting, competing, warring, dominating of one over the many, the haves and the have-nots, is coming to an end. That frequency that was set by the Creator (Ahau) that emanated from the Great Central Sun to our Sun and again to all the galaxy including earth, is now changing. It isn’t just a certain date, though there are some specific things they do expect will happen, it is a process that we are already going through…it is happening as I write and has been happening for some time. They say the Creator of all has ordained at this time that a new light, a new frequency will be sent to our Sun, our galaxy, our earth and to each of us as inhabitants of this planet. It is a frequency of Oneness, balance and harmony. All of creation will “entrain” to this new frequency. Some of us will know what is happening and be consciously involved in assisting the process. Others are still asleep and oblivious to what is happening though they too are affected by the new light “information packets” that are being received by their DNA that is starting to be activated. Consequently we have masses of people who have here-to-fore been dominated by dictatorial rule who are now standing up and saying in a mostly peaceful manner…”no more, we no longer fear you”. As the global leaders try to suppress these masses with the traditional methods of “beating them down” they are finding it is no longer effective. Consciousness has changed. What worked before no longer works. People are coming together in Oneness, peace and harmony and just saying “no”. This is spreading across the globe and now is being manifested more in the U.S. as well.
The good news in all this is that there is a great balancing of the masculine (Northern Hemisphere) and feminine (Southern Hemisphere) on our planet and also within our own selves (the hemispheres of our brain that mirror what we see on the planet). We are moving to a glorious state of being…a world that is so different it is virtually impossible for us out of our 3D experiences to conceive the peace – it truly does “pass all understanding”. What is happening is VERY GOOD NEWS!!
The not so good news is that in order for the new to be born, that which is in support of the old consciousness will go into dissolution, become fluid (solution with some chaos), in the process of going into re-solution….dissolution, solution and resolution. What the Elders are saying is all structures that have served the previous consciousness will come down. That means economic structures, governmental structures, corporate structures, educational structures, religious structures….all of which have served us with varying degrees of good-will towards the masses, they will come down and be replaced by new, emerging and yet to emerge structures that are aligned with the new light, the new frequency, the frequency of Oneness.
So how does all this affect our bodies? Well, thought you’d never ask It affects us directly. We individuals, like everything else on this planet are affected by these changes, which by the way, are happening faster and faster and faster!! The energy shifts that took a year to process (360 days) is now occurring in 18 days (360/20 = 18 Each cycle is 1/20th the length of the prior cycle). That’s why there is such a feeling that things are speeding up….they are, and our bodies are affected by these rapid changes and new frequencies. Literally we are changing from a carbon based physical structure to a crystalline or silicon based structure. We are programmed to make these changes so we can tolerate (that’s survive) the new frequencies that are going to be coming into our planet/galaxy. In this process our “junk DNA” that really isn’t so “junk” is being activated and we are returning to a state of being that we were during the times of Lemuria and Atlantis. A time when telepathy was/is the common thing. Governments can’t deal in secrets because we know what’s going on inside the other person’s head…no more back room deals saying one thing, while really intending something very different. Think about the ramifications of such ability.
That’s not all. Add the other tele qualities – Teleportation, telekinesis etc. My point is, the world will be drastically different in how it is structured. Abundance will be available to all and we’ll not have a debt-based economic system that’s designed to part the masses from their fair share and accumulate it for the elite few. The world that was structured on fear will be restructured based on Love. The Mayans refer to it as the return of the Quetzalcoatl – The Plumed Serpent and refer to it as the return of the Christ Consciousness.
The more we align our minds with the Christ Consciousness, the loving of others AS ourselves, the recognition of our relationship with all that is, including our spiritual connection with God, by whatever name we call him/her, therein is our healing preparation for the making of this transition. Those that elect by freewill to not make such an alignment, will, like all other “structures”, experience life coming apart and not make the transition. There is no judgement in this. It’s just that this planet is making a transition and so must her inhabitants. Failure to do so just means that those who choose differently from an alignment with the Oneness, will reincarnate on another planet that is at the level of 3D and continue their soul experience until they too ultimately ascend to higher consciousness. Ultimately, all souls return to the Creator from which they individualized for the lessons they might learn in a 3D physicality.
The issue we face is an alignment with Love rather than separation and fear. On a planetary level we are also dealing with a galactic alignment as the earth passes through the center of the galactic plane. There are tremendous electromagnetic shifts that are happening and will continue to increase. At some point the Mayans indicate we will enter a period of time (approximately 72 hours) when we will go into total darkness. It can be likened to a hibernation period where most people will literally go to sleep and wake up on the other side having experienced incredible changes in their body, mind and spirit. It will be like an erasing of much of the 3D drama/trauma and a rebirth to a wonderful new light unlike what we have experienced for aeons. The body will be “enlightened”…much lighter in nature. It will involve adjusting to walking that is more like floating along…when you jump up you tend to float and not come back down like we do now…it will take some getting use to. This will be a period of time when the illnesses we know in our present consciousness are gone. Health is the norm. Life will be much longer and “death” will be more a matter of choice by the individual as to when they feel they are ready to leave the physical form. Physicality will have the appearance of what we were at about age 35 and we will live hundreds of years…
A part of this process will be the uniting with our Galactic family from which we came….a wonderful family reunion that we have forgotten and are about to re-member. This may happen sooner rather than later. There is a divine time table that will govern these events. There is some flexibility in this matter and at the same time there are some time parameters that must be met as determined by the Creator. We don’t know the exact time…nor do the Mayans state an exact time pointing out that it is more a process than an event. It is good…very good.
It is a time to celebrate the new energy and to join with others in receiving it, amplifying it and broadcasting it far and wide as we seed it into the energetic grid of the planet and connect with the hundreds of gateway portals around the planet. I know I must be there as part of the energetic work that I came to this planet to do. This is a time to breath deeply, rest into the flow, trust that all is in perfect order, align our will with that of the creator (Christ consciousness) and love one another from the depths of our hearts. By focusing our attention on these things, we assist in the manifestation of our new world. We really are far more powerful that we tend to believe we are. It’s time to step into that power in humility and with responsibility as we claim our role as a co-creator walking on this planet.

Getting Ready for the Shift

Every quarter when El Morya gives his perspective on “where things are”, he is always asked “When is it all going to happen: the Ascension, the major Earth changes etc”. And he replies “We do not know the answer in Gregorian calendar terms but see the several stages happening in line with the completion of a series of evolutionary stages by Gaia”.

My constant confidante Catherine, who is part of the core settler team on the 5D New Earth, tells me that the big shift is really quite close — not so much because we’re getting closer to 21/12/12 but because Gaia is close to being ready. My mystical friend Robert Mulliss, who works closely with Gaia, is giving a similar view of progress.

The important thing is to continue to project that “I am ready when you are” towards Gaia and you can use the Dnet for this purpose, since Gaia is a major operator within the Central Sphere, to which your individual sphere is connected. Catherine is observing that, if a specific date for Ascension was published, millions or billions would project a whole mix of energies towards it ranging from discordant to somewhat enthusiastic. The emotions alone would be enough to blow the process out of the water. In contrast, being ready and available in a state of harmony when you are called enables the whole process to go ahead unimpeded.