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Revisiting the Chronicles of Narnia

Revisiting the Chronicles of Narnia

Recently I was advised to reread several of the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. I had first read the whole set of seven books some 40 years ago, as part of my studies in a Hermetic Mystery School. C.S. Lewis was closely involved with both Tolkien and Sir George Trevelyan in unpeeling the innumerable layers of realities and dimensions all around us, so we need not feel constricted within a narrow 3D world.

As we prepare ourselves to co-exist at the higher frequencies of the 5D New Earth, while still present on 3D Earth, the Narnia stories of inter-dimensional travel can give us a feel for White Magic in action. Each of the main characters goes through a process of being offered an opportunity to move forwards on the Path of Light, while being confronted with the opposing energies from the dark side, which are all too recognisable as related to the cold, unfeeling, blind, materialistic traditions and practices of mainstream human society.

The magical land of Narnia is at a 4D level where, although the battle between Light and dark is ongoing, there is supervision of the outcomes by a dominant Light power. As Narnia’s evolution progresses, we are shown how a portal opens which facilitates the passage of those with open hearts to the New World at 5D level.

The surviving main characters (one had dropped out to become a socialite in mainstream 3D) are relieved to discover the interconnectedness of all the worlds with which they were familiar. They are further relieved to find an eternal contact with family, people, places and the beauty of Nature, beyond anything they had thought possible. They did not have any feeling of loss by moving to the higher levels of livingness, as they realised the simultaneous evolution of all these worlds at different levels of consciousness.

Our suggestion is that you start by reading/reading Vol.6 The Magician’s Nephew and then move forwards from Vol.1 as usual. Vol.7 The Last Battle is the third crucial account but all are worth the time they take to read. By seeing how the children throw off their youthful personalities and rise to each occasion by taking a heart-felt responsibility, we can be inspired to grow ourselves and be fully open to the vast Spiritual opportunities unfolding

Andrew Smith